Registrant Check

Registrant Check is a subscription-based software that interacts with registrar systems to provide specialized registration mechanisms (including membership verification in community TLDs and registration eligibility required in certain open TLDs).

On the registrar side, the service provides the registrar an RDK with pre-built web forms and a simplified API to collect and submit necessary registrant eligibility data. The data is submitted directly to the registrant eligibility management system, not the registry, leaving the registration process intact. The key difference: Registrations that don’t resolve initially may be locked until they are cleared by the eligibility management system; which then accesses the registry with an operational role to a) initiate resolution b) remove locks and c) notify the registrar of approval (or possibly rejection).

On the gTLD registry operator side, Registrant Check provides a direct relationship and management tool for registrants, as well as up to date information on them. This information can be used to leverage any number of direct outreach and marketing programs. Depending on the type of gTLD and its operating model, consideration is always needed to include registrars in any additional product upsell opportunities.