Business Model Optimization

In the time span between your gTLD application and launch, a lot can happen. Given the rapidly evolving nature of the gTLD registry industry, a pre-launch business plan tune-up is an excellent investment.

Whether it’s a general business plan review to freshen up your launch strategy, dealing with contention set resolution for new applicants, or creating a premium name strategy, Architelos can help. We offer:

  • ICANN registry contract review to ensure flexibility of operational control
  • Premium Names optimization and monetization
  • Market Intelligence for launch planning including previous gTLD launch reports with lessons learned, typical gTLD launch stages, and required planning decisions
  • Facilitated sessions to:
    • Finalize a valuation based on an agreed upon business model
    • Discuss available financing options
    • Contention set auction strategy
  • Independent review of your existing business model and verification of assumptions and key drivers including:
    • Assessment of planned use and economic estimates
    • Collaborative consideration of new business cases and assumptions
  • Valuation Analysis
    • Validation of existing demand model including volume and pricing assumptions
    • Independent assessment of premium name strategy
    • Calculation of an overall valuation range based on an assessment of existing financial forecasts, premium name strategy recommendations, and an overall macro view of the opportunity
  • Contention Set Strategy
    • Role play study of all of your competitors by profiling their business models, financing, and auction strategies
    • Analysis of your end game options