We Are Proven TLD Experts

We build, launch and manage multi-million name TLDs. How can we help you?

We Are Proven TLD Experts

With our comprehensive services and powerful insights, your TLD will be up and running in no time! Put our savvy marketing, sound financial planning, and innovative solutions to work for your customers. Visit this bitcoin profit website for an idea of a domain setup.
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Software Solutions

TLD Management Systems

Our TMS solution allows for a quick launch and streamlined TLD business management, while off-loading much of the costs and risks commonly associated with launching a TLD.

Domain Name Abuse
Detection & Mitigation

TMS NameSentrySM takes the domain abuse detection and mitigation burden off your registry, helping you focus on what you do best!

Registry Financial Systems

To help TLDs comply with mounting accounting rules, Architelos developed NumberSenseTM, a powerful tool that allows registries to estimate their domain income under the correct revenue recognition principles.

  • The Architelos Team

    When you work with us, you work with seasoned senior executives, not junior staff.
    Combined, we have more than 30 years experience in the gTLD registry system.

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