Who We Are

Unlike our competitors, Architelos executives all have on-the-ground experience building, launching and managing gTLDs. We possess over 30 years of combined gTLD registry experience, nearly twice as long as the entire history of the gTLD industry!

CEO Alexa Raad has both successfully launched a new gTLD as CMO of .mobi, and as CEO of .ORG, she led the registry to record growth.

COO John Matson co-authored a benchmark study (PDF) of past gTLD launches, against which new gTLD applicants must compare their plans in the application. He consulted with ICANN on its new gTLD program and has developed new business models that will be required for many gTLDs.

CFO Norbert Grey built the financial systems and managed the operations of .mobi, the most successful new gTLD of the last round. He understands the unique financial requirements for gTLDs and how they impact launch plans and a new gTLD’s sustainability.

Kurt Pritz: Strategist, Policy Expert, Imagineer, Lawyer and Physicist.

Lesley Cowley : Executive Consultant and Coach.