Competitive Analysis & Strategy

At Architelos, we understand the importance of staying one step ahead of the competition. That’s why we offer competitive analysis and strategy services for existing gTLDs.

We perform independent research and analysis of your current domain name market and assess potential new entrants given ICANN’s new gTLD program and timing. We also evaluate your current brand positioning combining your own reports and research with available secondary sources to form a quantitative and qualitative picture of the current state.

When it comes to establishing and strengthening a brand, our model is:

“Awareness à Preference à Purchase”

Any efforts to build your brand must encompass all three of these phases. In other words, if you have great brand awareness, but can’t convince registrants to choose you over competitors, you’ve only solved part of the puzzle. Similarly, if you have customer preference, but not enough to drive purchase (and/or renewal) decisions, you still have room to improve.

Our competitive analysis process always includes an:

  • Assessment of current DNS market trends
  • Analysis of potential factors impacting domain name use and adoption, with a focus on your TLD’s market
  • Evaluation of your TLD’s current brand using our “Awareness à Preference à Purchase” model
  • Appraisal of potential threats to the installed TLD’s based on:
    • Current competitors (other TLDs vying for market share with your TLD)
    • Future competitors (potential new gTLDs entering the market that pose a threat to your TLD’s installed base)
    • Technology substitutes
  • Overview of your TLD’s name base and identification of at-risk segments from a statistical and financial perspective
  • Recommendation of strategic changes ranging from brand positioning to diversification options
  • Qualitative and quantitative impact assessment
  • Action plan of recommended next steps