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When it comes to unlocking accelerated business value from the Internet, a new kind of marketing is required. A marketing that is nimble, opportunistic and targeted.

For the past 15 years, gTLD marketing has been largely ceded by the registries to the channel — the registrars. The nagging downsides to this trend are numoerous:

  • Top level domains struggle to establish or convey a compelling brand story for their product;
  • Lack of direct customer engagement has made it difficult to create and sustain loyalty;
  • Registries remain at the mercy of the channel for shelf-space and thus sales, resulting in a mostly promotional approach to the marketing of their top level domains.

Architelos believes it’s time to evolve. With the deregulation and disruption of the new gTLDs, the balance of marketing power potentially shifts back to the domain registries themselves. Vertical integration offers traditional TLDs, ccTLDs and the coming gTLDs a fresh opening to create and sustain higher value relationships with registrants.

We’ve developed a suite of brand marketing strategies and services to help gTLD brands navigate through this opening. We call it Velocity™.

What is Velocity™?

Velocity™ aims to collapse the learning and results curve between the current state of your TLD marketing and where you need to be, strategically. It implies the urgency felt new and existing registries who understand what’s at stake. It describes the sometimes bare-knuckled attitude required to exploit the opportunities presented by the new gTLD’s emergence in the coming quarters and years. And it’s all about the speed with which Architelos is prepared to assist TLD businesses as they reimagine and reignite their brands in the new marketing landscape

Over the past several years, brand and product marketing has changed, forever. Whether you are marketing luxury cars, breakfast cereal, smartphones or weekend getaways, the rules of the new marketing have reshaped the way we market everything.

Traditional advertising alone no longer solves for how consumers learn about, use, share and become loyal to a brand or product. The new marketing rules are evolving in response to the new power of search, social and increasingly mobile touch points in the traditional marketing funnel turned upside down and inside out.

How Velocity™ is Different

Velocity™ is our model for applying these new rules, strategies and outcomes to the world of domain marketing. It is grounded in consumer-centric behavioral insights generated via tools like applied listening. At its heart lie touchpoint planning and audience targeting models engineered to drive more efficient reach, engagement, conversion and loyalty. Velocity™ isn’t theory, it is action. It’s not about the models, it’s about the business and science of getting and keeping direct customers — with higher margins of lifetime value — in the chaotic new world of domain marketing

The Velocity™ domain marketing service package is tailored to each TLD’s unique challenges and ranges from brand identity and positioning to digital marketing activation planning and optimization services.

For some of our clients we build a new brand marketing machine from the ground up. For others, we are assist with brand refreshes, audience identification and profiling, and new messaging development.

Want to Learn More?

To find out more about how much velocity your TLD marketing program might be missing, and what we can do to solve for that together, contact us at [email protected].

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