New gTLDs

The first year of a new gTLD determines its success, and few gTLDs can recover from a poor start. Additionally, a new gTLD launch is a difficult decision to reverse. Once a new gTLD is established and people, companies and organizations buy domain names using that gTLD, its discontinuation would cause massive disruption to businesses and organizations resulting in a significant and adverse impact on the entity.

Architelos can help your new gTLD get off on the right foot by:

  • Selecting your registrar partners & managing your sales channel
  • Establishing policies for who can apply for domain names under your gTLD
  • Writing your new gTLD policies for payments, escrow and auction services
  • Establishing renewal policies
  • Overseeing the protection of your intellectual property
  • Developing procedures and security requirements to prevent phishing, spam and other attacks
  • Enhancing your marketing program and launch promotions
  • Determining your financials to conform to ICANN requirements
  • Outlining your launch tests
  • Managing foreign exchange risks
  • Creating customer service functions

Why Architelos? Because we’ve done it before!

Read our Testimonials

  • Architelos CEO Alexa Raad and CFO Norbert Grey were part of the management team that successfully launched the new gTLD .mobi, with business and marketing plans, pricing and financial models and forecasting, and customer service requirements.
  • John Matson evaluated and learned the lessons from previous new gTLD launches and can impart that knowledge to new gTLD applicants.
  • John also has developed business models that are based on actual experiences of new gTLD launches. These models describe clear pathways to successful and profitable launches.
  • Architelos CTO Michael Young helped develop a back-end registry system from the ground up and built technical products required by leading gTLDs.

In short, Architelos has the experience and knowledge to help you successfully launch your new gTLD.

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