Domain Abuse Review Analysis and Optimization

In addition to NameSentrySM, Architelos provides a complete range of anti-abuse and security support services, including:

Domain abuse monitoring. We can monitor your domain space and prioritize, document, and escalate domain abuse issues in accordance with your guidelines. We can also act as your registry’s required domain abuse point-of-contact. We’ll monitor the ICANN-required mailbox, review all incoming abuse reports, and take action within parameters you set.

Domain abuse mitigations. We know how to work cooperatively with registrars and hosting providers, and are well equipped to pursue takedowns of phishing attacks, malware, trademark and copyright infringement sites, and so on.

Consulting and training. Our team members have years of in-depth industry experience, and literally wrote the industry-standard anti-abuse policies and procedures. We can help you craft customer terms of service and internal guidelines that will protect your business and your customers from domain abuse. We can also identify strategies that can save you time and money in the long-term.

Ad-hoc investigations and evaluations. You never know when an ugly domain abuse problem will rear its head. When it does, you can call on us – our experienced staff has tackled every kind of problem imaginable.

For more details and pricing on our domain abuse review, contact us.