Our History

Architelos was founded in January 2011 in response to increasing deregulation in the domain name market.   As the walls between wholesalers (registries) and retailers (registrars) crumbled and the domain name system (DNS) expanded, many new top-level domain names (TLDs) were introduced.

Founders Alexa Raad and John Matson recognized that with the new gTLD program came a flock of new TLD registries in need of guidance and support. They created Architelos to provide the missing link for these domain registries that required a reliable, comprehensive, and time-tested solution.  With strategic consulting and SaaS-based front office registry management, the company quickly expanded.  Architelos now boasts over 30 years of combined experience, and has become a leading business in the TLD industry with locations in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

From the start, Architelos was very clear about its mission: “Enabling collective wisdom in the service of the Internet.” The company name, color scheme, and logo were also created in order to align with the company’s commitment to innovation and service:

  • Architelos is the combination of two Greek words: “Archaios”  & Telos”
  • Archaios: ἀρχαῖος means  “the beginning” and Telos: τέλος means  “end”, “purpose”, or “goal”
  • Architelos means “from beginning to end” and represents how the company provides products and services to clients from the beginning of their gTLD application through successful launch and management.
  • The color purple denotes wisdom and creativity, which two qualities we pride ourselves on having.
  • We are guided by the philosophy that the difference between success and failure is often the quality and timeliness of decisions rather than amount of data or information is available. Our services are built based on providing wise solutions, building on data, and knowledge selectively gathered. That is why we use the image of a pyramid in our logo. The pyramid reflects the idea that we use collective information and knowledge as building blocks for future innovation.


June 2011 - Norbert Grey and Michael Young join as CFO and CTO respectively http://architelos.com/2011/06/16/new-cfo-and-cto-join-architelos-positioning-company-for-major-role-in-new-tld-rollout/

December 2011 – Architelos launches first SaaS-based product, the Business Case Builder http://architelos.com/2011/12/29/architelos-launches-business-case-builder-2-0-for-gtld-applicants/

February 2012 - Architelos celebrates its first year http://architelos.com/2012/02/24/architelos-marks-first-anniversary-as-new-top-level-domains-set-to-re-shape-web/

August 2012 – Architelos launches NameSentry http://architelos.com/2012/08/16/architelos-launches-new-gtld-anti-abuse-tool/

November 2012 - Architelos named as Finalist in the GAP 50 CIT Entrepreneur Award

December 2012 – Architelos is featured in Success Magazine

success1 sucess2

January 2013 – Architelos celebrates its 2nd year http://architelos.com/architelos-marks-successful-second-year-adds-software-services/