Business Case Builder

Business Case Builder (BCB) is a complete yet simple financial forecasting system that supports your new gTLD. Accessible from any PC with internet access, it provides graphic KPI dashboards driven by real data, runs numerous (high/low) scenarios, and is quick and easy to change.

Built by finance professionals with real domain industry experience, BCB takes the complexity out of budgeting and forecasting by structuring data input around simple drop-down menu choices.  Features include:

  • A series of new planning sheets to forecast cash P&L, accounting P&L, balance sheet, and cash flows
  • Special sheets for staff planning and capital expenditure
  • Automatic rollup and display of quarterly and yearly figures (or roll down to monthly figures)
  • A central assumptions table so changing key drivers and “what-ifs” is quick and simple
  • Premium names forecasting
  • Monthly P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow sheets
  • Source of funds planning sheet to determine the funding required to deliver forcasted business
  • Easy production of multiple scenarios such as “most likely”, “worst case” and “what if”
  • 30 canned report templates with simple “drag and drop”-driven reporting
  • A general ledger structure and coding and hierarchy to ensure that finance reports are auto-populated
  • Integration with General Ledger so each month’s actuals can be added to produce a rolling forecast of actuals for YTD plus budget figures for rest of year.

This powerful tool will change the way you look at budgets, drive business insight and improve decision making. It changes the paradigm of budgeting being 90% crunching numbers and 10% analyzing to automating the crunching and empowering the CFO to easily analyze trends and variances.