Good news for NameSentrySM customers current and new: A more flexible and lower price, plus automatic upgrades

Alexa Raad
 (June 17, 2015)

We are happy to announce additional functionality and a price change to the NameSentrySM product suite effective June 17, 2015.

When we announced a flat rate pricing plan for new gTLDs in May of 2014, most new gTLDs had not been launched. As a result, many new gTLDs only had projections for what their registration volumes would be, and varying expectations of what abuse they would encounter. It made sense for us to offer a fixed price specifically for new gTLDs so they could be certain of their costs regardless of the volume of registrations they would have. We also announced NameSentrySM Basic which was targeted to low volume and/or low abuse new gTLDs such as brands who were concerned about meeting the Specification 11(3)b compliance requirements of their ICANN registry contract. Legacy TLDs were not covered under the fixed price plan and their subscription rates were quoted on a custom basis. The new pricing plan is more flexible and works out to be less costly for the vast majority of new and existing TLDs.

Architelos’ innovative and automated approach to domain abuse detection and mitigation has already made NameSentrySM the leading solution in the domain space, and we look forward to helping even more registry operators and registrars maintain a clean and profitable namespace.

As the leading innovator in this space, we are excited to reward all NameSentrySM Basic customers with an automatic and free of charge upgrade to:

  1. The NameSentrySM portal. All NameSentrySM Basic customers will be upgraded to have access to the NameSentrySM portal for the duration of their subscription agreement. With access to the portal you gain access to valuable information such as real-time rankings vis-à-vis other TLDs and you can also set and administer your email notifications.
  2. A 90-day access to automated mitigation workflows. The workflows are designed to make manual and repetitive tasks automated and consistent, thereby saving time and precious resource dollars. For example, all of our NameSentrySM Basic customers can now set up automated email notifications to your registrars of any domain abuses, and provide them with all the information the registrar needs to follow-up with the registrant. You can even set up custom workflows to automatically suspend abusive domains whether that be specific to certain types of abuse, certain registrars, or any other number of filters that correlate to your desired business processes. Architelos will work side-by-side with you to configure NameSentrySM to best meet your needs.

Key points about the new pricing plan are:

  1. There is no distinction between new or legacy TLDs
  2. For almost all TLDs, our new pricing plan is less expensive than before.
  3. We will apply the benefits of the new plan to our current customers.
  4. We are rewarding all of our NameSentrySM Basic customers with these automatic upgrades.

For any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or at +1-703-260-7315 Ext 1005.