.XYZ Registry Case Study: Abuse Mitigation

Curious to see what the largest new gTLD .XYZ did on abuse detection and mitigation? We just published a case study, in cooperation with .XYZ on just that topic.

This case study describes their process and results for abuse detection and mitigation, and the remarkable results they achieved within just four months of implementing NameSentry. .XYZ launched in May 2014 and implemented NameSentry on July 1, one month after their General Availability date. The highlights included:

  •  Improvement in .XYZ’s reputation. This can be measured by the monthly reduction of average new abuses listed/day by the nine (9) largest and most prominent blocklists. A trend of declining new listings indicates that the TLD is becoming less and less attractive to bad actors as they start to see their efforts thwarted by effective mitigation such as suspension or shutdown. Each suspended domain becomes a sunken cost for these bad actors, so as they pile up the TLD becomes a less attractive target.
  • Average new abuses per day in .XYZ decreased from 74 per in June, to 42 per day in September, and it continues to trend down
  • Improvements in in .XYZ’s overall safety for end-users. The case study looks at two metrics:
  •  Reduction of the “time to harm”. This is measured by how long the abusive domain name is up and active. Average time to takedown an abusive domain decreased from 2 hours in June, to just under 5 minutes in September dramatically reducing the time to harm
  •  Reduction in the number of active abuses on any given day. After implementing NameSentry this number went down to almost zero from 1.6 per day, despite a 144% corresponding growth in the volume of registrations.

To find out more, please download the .XYZ Registry Case Study

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