Domain Name Abuse Detection & Mitigation

The Challenge:

Domain name abuse is always bad news.  In addition to staining the reputation of your business, it can negatively impact your users, sales, operational costs, and domain resolvability!

Reports of abusive domain name registrations have led providers to blacklist millions of domain names, and to block entire TLDs in order to protect users. Even so, highly sophisticated criminals systematically take advantage of domain name registries and registrars every day.

Introducing NameSentrySM: the #1 abuse detection and mitigation service on the market.

NameSentrySM is an easy-to-use portal that allows you to monitor the overall health and reputation of your TLD or domain portfolio near real-time. With drill-down features that enable you to view domain abuse by category and details by domain, you can see which sites within your TLD or portfolio are hacked or infected.

You can also set customizable preferences to track specific issues, automatically notify your registrars about incidents, and fulfill audit requirements by documenting reports by time or incident.  The NameSentrySM home page offers a quick summary of information, including the total number of domain abuse reports,  types, and sources. Additionally, the system provides detailed listings of domains and incidents which are sortable by category, date, and more.

Who Can Benefit?

  •     New and existing TLDs and ccTLDs
  •     Registrars and resellers
  •     Large domain portfolio owners
  •     Anyone who does not want to incur the cost and time commitment of building a domain abuse detection and mitigation department

NameSentrySM offers features not found anywhere else:

  • Data feeds from the world’s most trusted domain security sources, automatically aggregated, collated, and delivered in an easy-to-use customized portal
  • Coverage of the major domain abuse types: malware, phishing, spamming, botnets and more
  • Configurable workflow features and tools
    • Automated watch lists and registrar notification tools
    • Automated alert notifications via email, text, or SMS
    • Integration into your existing ticket system
    • Audit trail to support documentation needs
    • Intelligence features such as metrics and bench-marking
    • Ability to monitor an entire TLD or a portfolio of domain names from a mix of TLDs

Additional optional services include:

  • Full design and implementation of anti-abuse policies and procedures
  • Option to outsource your abuse point-of-contact
  • On-demand domain abuse analysis and investigations
  • Take-down services

With NameSentrySM you also automatically get:

  • Turnkey start-up and maintenance
  • Comprehensive protection for various types of domain abuse including Phishing, Malware, Spam, Botnets and more
  • All the advantages of having your own anti-abuse department, and experienced security experts without the overhead
  • Immediate savings on operational and staffing costs
  • Savings and protection on managing sales incentive and rebate programs — find bad customers and eliminate bad business
  • Flexibility and convenience.  You can dial up or down your coverage based on your domain risk profile, complement and extend existing abuse detection services and add additional domain abuse services if and when you need them
  • A potential revenue source — a value-added service to offer your registrars, re-sellers, or registrants
  • A turnkey domain compliance and audit solution that allows you to fulfill ICANN’s anti-abuse requirements for new gTLDs, maintain historical records, and measure SLAs and performance

For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions.  To schedule a demo contact Architelos at [email protected] or call us at  +1-703-260-7315.

Download the NameSentry PDF