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Architelos has collected helpful news sources and information for companies and organizations considering applying for a new gTLD, whether for their brand or generic keyword. Domain Registry Launches TM Sunrise Period : Registry Provides Details on Trademark Protection and Anti-Abuse Measures Registry launched its 30-day TM Sunrise Period for trademark holders today, Monday, February 24th. During the Sunrise Period, qualified trademark holders have the first opportunity to register the exact match of their trademark, before opens to the public.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) February 24, 2014 LLC launched its 30-day TM Sunrise Period for trademark holders today, Monday, February 24th. During the Sunrise Period, qualified trademark holders have the first opportunity to register the exact match of their trademark, before opens to the public. As of today, more than 100 registrars have signed on to offer domains. Continue reading

Architelos Launches NameSentry Lite for Domain Abuse Monitoring and Compliance Reporting

LEESBURG, Va., November 21, 2013—Architelos, Inc. the premier provider of automated domain name abuse detection and mitigation services, announced today the availability of NameSentrysm Lite. NameSentry Lite is designed for new generic Top Level Domain (gTLDs) operators who expect limited security threats such as phishing, malware, pharming and spam (collectively known as “domain abuse”), but who still require monitoring and notification of such abuses for compliance purposes. Continue reading

Architelos Publishes Second NameSentry Report, Releasing Data and Key Findings on Internet Safety and Comparative Rankings of over 70 Top-Level Domains

LEESBURG, Va. November 14, 2013 – (BUSINESS WIRE)–Architelos, Inc. announced today the publication of the second installment of  the NameSentry Namespace Quality Report. The report benchmarks the comparative safety of the Internet and its largest Top Level Domains (TLDs) by measuring by the prevalence of security threats such as malware, phishing, botnets, and spam. The findings indicate a 67% increase of domain names identified and listed as “abusive” by major blocklists from January to September 2013, and that at least 5.5% of newly registered domain names are being used to perpetrate security threats.

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The NameSentry Report: Benchmarking Abuse Levels in the Domain Name Industry

LEESBURG, Va., July 30, 2013 - On July 10th Architelos released the first NameSentry Report, benchmarking abuse levels in the domain name industry. For some time now, a debate has raged about the potential impact of new gTLDs on Internet safety and security, namely abusive registrations such as phishing, spam, malware, and so on. However, without benchmarking the current state, how can we realistically evaluate if new gTLDs have made any measureable difference in the level of abuse?

The goal of the report was to establish a way to measure the level of abuse in the domain name space as a whole and across the top TLDs, in order to bring some transparency and encourage discussion and debate on what factors if any result in a safer namespace. The report is self-explanatory and can be downloaded from our site. The goal of this blog is not to reiterate the report findings, but to provide additional detail to the methodology we employed.

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Architelos and Kurt Pritz join forces to serve TLD Market

LEESBURG, Va., April 3, 2013 - Architelos Inc. and Kurt Pritz are pleased to announce a collaboration to provide advisory services to the new gTLDs applicants and registries. Together, we share the same goal and approach, namely to understand our clients’ strategic objectives and translate them into the successful pursuit and operation of a top-level domain name registry.

While Architelos and Kurt will remain separate and independent, the collaboration will bring an unmatched depth of experience and breadth of services to new gTLD applicants, TLD registries and other DNS industry participants. The impending expansion in the number of Continue reading

Survey of new gTLD Applicants’ Launch Preparation

LEESBURG, Va., March 1, 2013 - Fifty percent of new gTLD applicants surveyed are currently not doing anything to plan for launch, despite indicating that launch planning and a “go-to-market” strategy are very important.   On Feb 13th, we launched a market readiness survey to new gTLD applicants through direct email and via domainincite. The survey remained open for a week and received a total of 65 responses with 46 completed surveys or a 70% completion rate.

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Architelos Marks Successful Second Year

Company Hits $2 Million in Sales, Launches NameSentry™ and Expands Internationally

LEESBURG, Va., January 14, 2013—Architelos, Inc. celebrates its second year of business, with a number of notable accomplishments under its belt.  The company had a profitable year in 2012, earning over $1.7 million in revenue and booking sales of over $2 million dollars in consulting and software service fees. Architelos also expanded its footprint internationally by opening up a Canadian office in Toronto, which houses its software development efforts.

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