TLD Strategy

The most important question to ask is not the "what" but the "why". So before laying out any plans for an application, it’s important that you determine why new gTLDs may or may not be relevant to your business. The answer to that question depends in large part, on your existing market position, that of your competitors, as well as your aspirations and risk tolerance.

Architelos helps you:

  1. Define your current position vis-à-vis your competitors in the new gTLD space
  2. Determine the relative risks and rewards of a new gTLD
  3. Brainstorm and define "game changing scenarios," for example: Can you or any of your existing competitors enable new business models or disruptive technologies as a result of being granted an exclusive contract?
  4. Evaluate the competitive landscape and sketch out what a few potential scenarios
    might involve
  5. Evaluate your potential strategy and suggest modifications