New TLD Services

Architelos works with brand TLD and organizational gTLD applicants to help:

For four months beginning January 12, 2012, companies and organizations can apply for new brand TLDs and gTLDs. A TLD—or top-level domain name—is what appears to the right of the dot in a web address, such as .com. Now, there can be .anything you want, either .brand or .generic.

Not an address extension but a brand extension
New TLDs are far more than just a new way to name a website. A TLD is not that same as a domain name. Operating your own new TLD enables a much deeper, closer and more profitable relationship with your customer because you have exclusive control of that TLD.

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We also offer you the opportunity to outsource the operation of your TLD to Architelos. Members of our team have previously been C-level leaders in TLDs. Architelos CEO Alexa Raad is the former CEO of PIR, .org registry, where she re-positioned and grew the business to nearly nine million names. No one else currently advising new TLD applicants has that level of experience. And Norbert Grey was CFO of .mobi.

The clock is ticking. There will likely not be another chance to apply for a new TLD for some years to come. So those considering one must move decisively before not only the window closes, but before competitors gain a strategic advantage. Our Business Case Builder can help you evaluate your options.

The application process is complex and detailed. The new gTLD or brand TLD launch is critical and fraught with obstacles and challenges that cannot be overcome if poorly addressed. And the management of a TLD requires unique business skills.

We offer comprehensive services and insights that will help you win approval of your new TLD, launch it successfully and manage it prudently through savvy marketing, sound financial planning and innovative solutions for your customers.

Please review our four services: