TLD Management Services (TMS™)

Architelos has developed TMS as an outsourced solution for new TLDs as well as small registries, so they can quickly launch and/or manage their business operations, while off-loading much of the costs and risks. The TMS service was designed using the experience of:

  • Architelos CEO Alexa Raad who oversaw tremendous growth of the .org registry while serving as its CEO
  • Architelos COO John Matson who has studied gTLDs, advised ICANN on the program and has developed new business models that can help you gain market advantage
  • Architelos CFO Norbert Grey who as CFO oversaw the financials of the new .mobi launch and has used that experience to develop the Business Case Builder
  • Architelos CTO Michael Young who oversaw product development for Affilias, a major back-end registry system

TMS provides all the necessary ICANN compliant pre-configured software systems to operate a TLD, with the option to outsource operational personnel and/or executive management to Architelos or with other providers whose contracts Architelos manages.

TMS is designed to work with most back-end registry systems, thus protecting the TLD applicant’s freedom of choice. The software systems are SaaS-based and include the business-critical functions required in a registry that are not provided by a back-end registry system.

These core systems include:

  • Automated contracts management and compliance work flows
  • Automated registrar/channel sign-up
  • Registrar ramp-up and management
  • Sales and marketing portals
  • General Ledger integration tools for registration financial data and forecasting
  • Industry specific customer relationship management features
  • Business intelligence reporting and dashboard tools
  • Management escalation alert systems

In short, Architelos can manage the critical front-office systems as well as contracts with any back-office registry system.

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