The gTLD Application
Architelos has the hands-on, practical experience few others have: Our CEO and CFO together successfully launched a new gTLD. That experience is invaluable to those applying today. The 352-page application guidebook is even more demanding today, requiring comparison of your business case to the actual experience of past gTLD launches. It also requires exhaustive financial forecasting designed to prove to ICANN, the organization that will evaluate and approve new gTLDs, that the applicant has the financial, technical and marketing resources and expertise to develop and maintain a new gTLD. If you haven’t started your new gTLD application, we can help:
  • Determine your chance of success
  • Evaluate potential opposition
  • Work with your outside partners, e.g., back-end registry provider, IP and legal counsel
  • Develop a business case or refine your existing one
  • Provide data and benchmarks and scenarios ICANN requires for financial section
  • Ensure consistency of application for highest chance of ICANN acceptance
If you need help with specific sections of your new gTLD application, we can help:
  • Develop and evaluate RFIs to back-end registries
  • Review and score proposals
  • Negotiate contracts with providers
If you need expert review before applying, we can help:
  • Review and refine business case
  • Refine answers to improve chances of ICANN acceptance
  • Point out potential risks
Why Architelos for your new gTLD application?
  • Architelos COO John Matson authored a benchmark study of past gTLD launches, against which new gTLD applicants must compare their plans in the application.
  • Architelos CEO Alexa Raad and CFO Norbert Grey successfully launched the .mobi gTLD in the previous round.
  • Grey has developed the Business Case Builder that enables applicants to prepare their business case to fit exactly the format ICANN requires in the application.
  • As important, the Business Case Builder can be employed to help attract investors.

In short, we have the experience to help you develop a solid gTLD application, submit it on time and reduce risks of costly delays or worse—rejection. We can also help answer any ICANN questions that may arise after you submit your application.
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