Business Case Builder 1

Architelos, a boutique consulting firm focussed on providing world class support to new entrants to the domain name industry, understands the importance of financial planning. Our “A team” are leaders in the industry and are also creative problem solvers.

We understand the nuances of the world of domain name revenue recognition. We live and breathe the business drivers of the domain industry ie term life, multi-renewal rates, multi-tiered pricing, Service Provider fees and we have developed a powerful but simple to use demand model. We are champions of technology innovation and have built this on-line solution (that can be accessed from any PC with internet connectivity) so that the user simply enters figures from a few drop down menus and our demand model calculates the rest.

Calculating domain cash sales, accounting sales and deferred revenue is a complicated and specialist task. We understand the detail and appreciate that new entrant’ time is precious and will be better spent analyzing and interpreting results rather than getting up to speed on how to work out domains deferred revenue recognition with nestled renewals, multi-tier pricing and stepped cost of revenue calculations.

Using our demand model tool is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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