Everything you should know about a TLD business case, but didn’t know to askPublished on CircleID, April 6, 2011, by Architelos CEO Alexa Raad

Applying for a new Top Level Domain is an expensive and lengthy process, costing an estimated $500K for application and various legal and professional services. Central to the application is the business case. Even though ICANN requires an albeit simple version, most applicants must have a credible business case, especially if they need to secure internal approval, or more importantly attract and secure outside investment. Given the truth to the... Read More

Architelos Business Case Builder Press Release

ARCHITELOS INTRODUCES ONLINE ‘BUSINESS CASE BUILDER’ FOR DOMAIN NAME REGISTRIES RESTON, VA, March 15, 2011—Architelos, Inc. today announced the availability of a secure online tool, the Business Case Builder (BCB), which is specially designed for the domain name system (DNS) industry. BCB helps top level domain (TLD) applicants develop the full financials and comprehensive business case for any prospective TLD, prompting them at each step to... Read More