Policy Advisory

ICANN has begun its initial evaluation of the new gTLD applications. During the evaluation, and subsequent phases, many applicants will need the advice and support of an experienced and ICANN -savvy advisor.

  • Monitoring of key issues at ICANN and the Registries Constituency Working Group (RySG). Many applicants cannot afford a dedicated resource to attend the RySG meetings as an “observer”, and/or monitor the discussions on the list-serve and the email traffic to distill what are the important issues, and how to respond. Resources aside, it takes skill, and years of experience within the ICANN policy arena, as well as familiarity with the players and system of ICANN for any resource to be beneficial. Architelos provides new gTLD applicants two options to ensure they are kept well informed.
  • A monthly subscription to the “RySG Monitor” service will condense the reams of email and pages of opinions, into a concise, and easy to digest report on the main issues under discussion and potential ramifications of each alternative. Find out more or sign up for the “RySG Monitor.”
  • A more customized option would be representation at RySG. Architelos can represent a few clients as under the “observer” status at RySG. We would need to ensure that there is no conflict of interest with and of our existing activities and/or clients. To find out more or have someone contact you click here
  • Architelos is able to offer insights and analysis of changing ICANN policies and advise the applicant on strategies to communicate and represent their interests. Support and advice can be provided on a project basis on under a fixed retainer for services. To find out more or have someone contact you click here