The NameSentry Report: Benchmarking Abuse Levels in the Domain Name IndustryPublished in CircleID, July 30, 2013 by CEO of Architelos Alexa Raad

On July 10th Architelos released the first NameSentry Report, benchmarking abuse levels in the domain name industry. For some time now, a debate has raged about the potential impact of new gTLDs on Internet safety and security, namely abusive registrations such as phishing, spam, malware, and so on. However, without benchmarking the current state, how can we realistically evaluate if new gTLDs have made any measureable difference in the level of abuse? The... Read More

Standing Up for a Safe InternetPublished in CircleID, July 7, 2013 by CTO of Architelos Michael Young

Back when I started working in this industry in 2001, ICANN was small, the industry was tight, and things moved slowly as interest groups negotiated a balance amongst the impacts of change. Change often meant added overhead and, at the very least, a one-time cost effort to implement on the commercial side. Registries and registrars preferred to be hands-off when it came to how their domains were being used. But e-crime became big business during the... Read More