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“Entrepreneur Alexa Raad, former chief executive of the nonprofit .ORG, the Public Interest Registry, recently launched a consulting company called Architelos aimed at helping current and new players in the Internet address and naming industry.

Raad said a whole new set of domain names is about to hit the scene, and they will be different from the “left of the dot” addresses we’ve been accustomed to, such as washingtonpost.com or ebay.com.

Major brands and others may soon be able to obtain a top-level domain in either their own name or a generic approximation. Think: .ebay, or .auctions, .apple or .tunes.

This is simply one of the many changes facing a small, lucrative yet highly regulated business that is now facing rapid changes as well as deregulation.

“This is similar to having an apartment, identified by an apartment number at a fashionable complex. No matter how nice and spacious your apartment is compared to all others in the complex, you as the tenant do not set the rules on security, exclusivity or access, etc. Those who own the apartment complex do, and you along with all other tenants live by those rules,” said Raad, who was reached in Sydney while on business.

Architelos will be run from Leesburg by Raad, and from Los Angeles by Chief Operating Officer John Matson. ” (Excerpt from the Washington Post article. The full article can be viewed here)

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