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Now let’s look at our latest enhancements.

Stage 4a A simple input screen as shown in Table 10 below allows the user input volumes of domain sales at Premium Name Auctions and also the option of Premium Name rentals. The Premium name base is segmented into four name types, with the user inputting average price for each in the assumptions table.

Table 10: Premium Names Forecasting

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Stage 4b involves staff forecasting, where a sheet for headcount planning is used (See Table 11). From drop-down menu options, the user inputs staff details, departments, salary and start dates. The BCB then calculates payroll costs and inserts them into the P&L. Other pay related costs like recruitment fees, pension /401k, bonus and health insurance are provided for and driven by choosing % to drive all the lines of the P&L.

Table 11: Personnel Planning

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Stage 4c provides for the capital expenditure forecasting (See Table 12). The user inputs details of capital expenditure and asset class and chooses the month and amount of expenditure. The model then calculates P&L depreciation based on useful life and auto-populates the relevant section of the balance sheet and cash flow forecast.

Table 12: CAPEX Planning

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Stage 4d completes the P&L forecast (See Table 13) by allowing the user to forecast all other OPEX lines not forecasted from other planning sheets. As the BCB was designed by the ex-CFO of a registry operator, it incorporates a general ledger structure of typical registry operations.

Table 13: OPEX Forecasting

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Once the user understands the shape of their business plan from a number of iterations of Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4a – 4d, attention may switch to determining what funding requirement will be required to deliver the level of business forecast. Step 4e involved source of funds and allows the user to input suggested sources of funds. Table 14 illustrates this stage through a series of drop down menus where the user inputs the date and amount of share capital and debt. With the press of the update button the user can see the instant impact on cash balances.

Table 14: Source of Funds

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