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At Architelos, we anticipated that the user will engage in a forecast process that will involve multiple reviews and internal discussions of the draft assumptions, as well as the drivers and volumes of the forecast. The BCB is smartly designed to facilitate this process. Because it is a browser based tool, the user can open up as many pages as required and change assumptions in one browser and view the result live in the next browser. The power of multi-tasking and multi-viewing aids the budgeting process and ensures a speedy conclusion.

A key strength of the BCB is its ability to create multiple versions. Once a first cut of the forecast is complete, the user simply copies the version, and the BCB seamlessly creates a new version, allowing the user to name it (e.g., “worst case”) and base it on a new range of assumptions and drivers. Meanwhile, the user can easily move between any of these versions by choosing from the appropriate version of their forecast from a drop-down menu. Smart reporting also allows the user to create quick but powerful sensitivity analysis reports and variance analysis reports between forecasts.

This template performs a number of calculations in the background to seamlessly group the figures as ICANN requires and provides the necessary analysis, including:

  • Calculation of the 3-year Reserve for 36 months after the “go-live month” irrespective of what month and no matter how many times it changes
  • The grouping of revenue, costs and balance sheet entries into three 12-month periods based on the go-live month
  • Auto-analysis of costs as required for labor costs and critical operations costs
  • Auto-split of costs in fixed & variable costs

Table 20: The BCB Generated ICANN Finance Report Template

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All of this in-depth financial planning will take two minutes of data input. You will then have all the essential financial information you require for accurate revenue forecasting for the domain industry, without spending weeks crunching numbers and worrying about accuracy.


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